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Basics Photography - Working in Black & White

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Basics Photography - Working in Black & White

Basics Photography - Working in Black & White
PDF | ENG | 178 Pages | 31.29 Mb

This book covers all aspects of black-and-white photography with both film and digital
cameras. Dedicated chapters explain the basic theory of how colours become greyscale
tones in a black-and-white image and how you can to learn to ‘see’ in black and white.

The aesthetics and possibilities of the great themes of black-and-white photography are
explored early on in the book. Later chapters look at how to capture black and white using film
cameras and how to convert existing digital colour files into strong black-and-white images.
As black and white deals only with the presence or absence of light, special emphasis is
placed on the qualities of light and on how to control and meter it for the best black-and-white
imagery. The subjects of toning and the reintroduction of colour into monochromatic images
have a dedicated chapter.
The book is illustrated throughout with creative, thought-provoking images from contemporary
practitioners and classic sources. Wherever they occur, technical concepts are identified and
explained in an uncomplicated manner on the page and in a concise glossary.


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